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A W H Davis Group Company

Manufacturers of Door Seals
for Dry Freight and Reefer Containers & Refrigerated Vehicles

Door seals are extruded in high quality EPDM synthetic rubber and supplied either as moulded gasket frames (with shot moulded corners) or in straight lengths.

EPDM is the industry material for door seals and is durable and very resistant to attack by ozone and oxygen.

Corner moulding is carried out in our own factory using well proven equipment and methods.

We also supply other rubber products such as industrial extrusions, rubber mouldings and rubber to metal bonded items.

Dry Freight Seals
These items are usually of simple profile using either "H" or "J" sections that are fitted boxes designed to carry product at normal temperatures. They are manufactured by Avonseal to facilitate a slight "stretch fit" on your doors.

Reefer Seals
Often of a more complex design, these seals are often used as part of a multi seal arrangement to prevent leakage and heat loss from refridgerated vehicles and boxes.

General Rubber Products
We also supply a wide range of other rubber products including general extrusions, mouldings and rubber to metal bonding in a variety of polymers